Shipping Software: StarShip Version 12, LTL Shipping Capabilities

Written by Adrian Montgomery on Fri, Jun 08, 2012 @ 02:27 PM
LTL Shipping

Is your manual shipping process giving you the blues?  Would you rather be doing something else?

Less than Truckload (LTL) shipping made easy!  Let StarShip shipping software take the work out of pallet and box shipping!

StarShip shipping software version 12 is enhanced to offer more functionality in several areas today we will focus on LTL shipping automation.  There are two modes of StarShip shipping software transport available, parcel and freight.  Common carriers are available out-of-the-box with StarShip version 12 or the user may simply add carriers with the bill-of-lading module.  Simply indicate the sales order you want to ship and StarShip will call out to the ERP and fill in all the sales order data on the StarShip screen.  In the packaging view you have two layers of packaging, pallets and boxes.  Starship maintains a packaging table that you can customize by importing or indicating directly within the StarShip shipping software interface. 

The user interface allows the user to indicate what kind of container it is by giving it a unique name and defining the weight and dimensions.  The StarShip shipping software interface allows the user to automate the packing of items and distribution into different containers.  The StarShip user can print a thermal label packing list and place it on the outside of the box or print the packing list on a piece of paper to be placed inside of the box. Once the StarShip shipping software user has packed up the shipment the user has access to rate shopping functionality for freight, via direct modules like UPS Freight, FedEx Freight, OnTrac and YRC. StarShip shipping software also allows for third party rate shopping via  In addition, the StarShip user can access a web based TMS FreightView to set-up contract carriers and rates.  Sort by contract rates + 3PL, service level, transit time or cost.  The user can then push the data back into their ERP to access the frieght, tracking, and the PRO number through the ERP software.

Watch StarShip Version 12, LTL shipping in action:

Founded in 1987, V-Technologies created StarShip & ShipGear, integrated multi-carrier shipping software that connects the warehouse to the front office, giving you efficiencies in shipping, accounts receivable and customer service. We partner with dozens of parcel and LTL carriers such as USPS, UPS, FedEx, Roadrunner, Averitt, Daytona, DHL, Holland, YRC and more as well as regional carriers like OnTrac. Our software provides integration between those carriers and popular ERP, EDI, accounting and eCommerce platforms: QuickBooks, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Acumatica, Macola, Amazon, Shopify, Magento and eBay to name a few

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