FedEx Freight Shipping Software Expands LTL Shipping

Written by Adrian Montgomery on Fri, Sep 28, 2012 @ 01:55 PM

FedEx FreightAre you running FedEx Freight Integrated with your ERP system?

If your shipping process is manual or disconnected from your ERP system chances are you are having to re-key information from one system to another.  StarShip shipping software integrates the FedEx Freight module with your ERP system eliminating redundant data entry so you can spend your valuable time more productively.  

StarShip shipping software allows you to enter the sales transaction number to retrieve the shipping related information from your ERP system.  The ship via code takes the service levels of FedEx Freight for both LTL ground freight and for air freight to generate a unique bill-of-lading (BOL) and Pro number that is pushed back into your ERP for tracking purposes. Benefit from email notifications using Ship Alert to pro actively contact your customers with their PRO number, BOL number or any reference number you want to enable them to track their package in transit.  The shipments can be tendered electronically either immediately or for a future date and uploaded over the internet to give the carrier a time to come pick up the goods.  Once the shipment has been processed you receive your BOL in standard format for FedEx Freight.  This will give you all the shipping detail including handling units and commodity information on your BOL.  FedEx Freight can produce shipping labels as well.  The shipping labels are populated with the BOL, the Pro Number, reference information.  The BOL is pre-populated with shipment related detail, ship-to, ship-from, reference fields, handling units, number of boxes pallets and commodity information is also reflected.

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