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FedEx and UPS Shipping: New 2015 Dimensional Weight Changes

Posted on Mon, Jan 19, 2015 @ 04:57 PM

What is dimensional (DIM) weight and how are these new changes going to affect businesses and their shipments?

Dimensional (DIM) weight billing is calculated by comparing the actual weight to the package volume.

  • UPS:  Prior to 12/29/14 UPS applied the (DIM) weight calculation to all Air packages and only to Ground packages larger than three cubic feet.  Now with the new (DIM) weight calculation in 2015, UPS will apply the new (DIM) weight calculation to all Air and ALL Ground packages.
  • FedEx:  Prior to 1/5/2015 FedEx applied the (DIM) weight billing to all Air packages and, just like UPS, only Ground packages larger than three cubic feet. Now they are charging the (DIM) weight fee to both Air and Ground packages.
  • USPS:  Priority mail charges have not changed and remain the same in 2015. The (DIM) weight calculation only applies to packages larger than one cubic foot going to zones 5-9, where the Balloon rate applies for packages going to zones 1-4.
Moving forward DIM Weight charges will be applied as follows:
DIM Weight Charges

If a shipper is shipping a women's shoulder bag, for example, with dimensions of 19" x 15" x 5" and the actual weight of the women's shoulder bag is 2 lbs. the (DIM) weight is actually 9 lbs. We calculate the (DIM) weight in this scenario by dividing the shipment volume of 1,425 by 166 which equals 8.58 and rounding up it is 9 lbs.  In this scenario FedEx/UPS would have charged $8.51 in the past, now with the new changes they will be charging $10.89 so the average cost increases 27.9%.  If the shipper ships 50 pkgs/day the increase in monthly cost in 2015 is $2,377.14.

Tips to Identify Savings

Start evaluating your shipping mix today
  • Identify common package sizes and weights
    • Pay special attention to medium and large lightweight items
    • Determine if dimensional weights will apply
    • Calculate the potential impact, including surcharges
  • Look for opportunities to pack more efficiently without risking damage to merchandise
  • Define commonly used box dimensions for ease of processing
  • Utilize settings to require input of this critical data!
  • Take advantage of ship via rules to automatically determine "best way"
  • Get re-familiar with carrier contracts and work with your carrier account representative - analyze minimum charges, DIM factor and discounts
  • Consider regional carriers such as OnTrac and Spee-Dee Delivery
  • Leverage new USPS Priority Mail prices where it makes sense for your business
  • Look at USPS Flat Rate Packaging & Cubic Volume Rates
What is needed to support USPS DIM weight and cubic volume discounts?
  • Provide LxWxH in StarShip
  • Select Flat Rate Packaging
  • Do you meet minimum volume requirements for cubic pricing?

Dealing with the new dimensional weight rules can be time consuming and costly with certain types of merchandise. Please give us a call if you would like us to ease the struggle via our automated shipping solutions - 800-462-4016 or email us! 

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V-Technologies a Silver Sponsor at Scaling New Heights 2014

Posted on Tue, Jun 10, 2014 @ 10:53 AM

V-Technologies will return for a third year at the Scaling New Heights conference to demonstrate shipping integration software for QuickBooks. Scaling New Heights will be held June 15-18 at the JW Marriott in San Antonio, TX. Scaling New Heights is a QuickBooks training and education conference for QuickBooks Pro Advisors. This conference is supposed to be the biggest yet – over 1200 QuickBooks Pro Advisors are expected to attend this year.

V-Technologies’ ShipGear program reduces double entry and invoicing errors by providing a connection between UPS and FedEx carrier software to QuickBooks. ShipGear supports QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise versions. This connection bridges the gap between shipping and the front office to automate the shipping process and improve customer service. ShipGear has been available since 2001, and has thousands of customers using it on a daily basis to efficiently ship their product.

StarShip is the latest V-Technologies offering for QuickBooks Enterprise and Fishbowl users. StarShip also automates the shipping process but supports multiple parcel and freight carriers inside one user interface. This all in one approach allows the user to rate shop between carriers to get the best rate. Line-item integration increases efficiency to create international and BOL documentation. StarShip also supports EDI integration to complete the workflow. Custom emails can be used to notify customers of tracking information, keeping inbound inquiries down.

Come check out both shipping software products while at Scaling New Heights in San Antonio at booth #68.  


Also see our page below for more information:

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Sage 100 ERP Shipping Software Options - ShipGear and StarShip

Posted on Fri, May 18, 2012 @ 12:33 PM

Shipping SoftwareStarShip by V-Technologies, LLC is the mother ship of all shipping software.  Alternatively, ShipGear by V-Technologies, LLC may be all you need. The purpose of this blog entry is to compare the two.

Sage 100 ERP customers have relied on StarShip by V-Technologies, LLC as their premier Sage shipping software solution for over 10 years.  ShipGear is an alternative shipping software by V-Technologies available to those customers seeking a more affordable economical solution.  Since StarShip has been endorsed and sold by Sage Software for so many years, it isn't surprising ShipGear is the lesser known of the two solutions.

ShipGear is considered more of an entry level shipping solution compared to StarShip.  The ShipGear interface allows customers to install a plug and play shipping software solution between Sage 100 ERP and UPS WorldShip or FedEx Ship Manager. When a customer requires a higher level of automation between Sage 100 ERP and multiple carriers StarShip makes more sense. Shipping Software

ShipGear shipping software is also considered an entry level solution because it retrieves header information only.  Other differences to consider when looking at StarShip vs. ShipGear:

  • StarShip can retrieve the order and create the invoice as a result of the shipment, where ShipGear retrieves and updates the same document.  Use ShipGear to ship an order and ShipGear will update the order with freight and tracking information.  Ship against an invoice and ShipGear will update the invoice.  ShipGear shipping software will not create an invoice as a result of the shipment like StarShip shipping software will. 
  • ShipGear allows you to work within the separate carrier applications, with StarShip you may work with multiple carriers from one user interface.
  • ShipGear is available thru the UPS Customer Technology Program (CTP) and FedEx Tech Awards allowing customers to subsidize the license cost.
V-Technologies is an approved UPS Ready and FedEx Certified Solution Provider.  Today we will demonstrate the ShipGear shipping solution.  Please watch it in action!


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