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Demystifying USPS Shipping Rates with StarShip Software

Posted on Tue, Jun 12, 2018 @ 05:29 PM


Our Pitney Bowes Shipping Software Integration Boosts Shipping Efficiency
Let's talk about the facts. The United States Postal Service (USPS) was founded in 1775. They played a crucial role in the foundation and expansion of our country. Over the last 200 plus years, they have experienced some growing pains, especially related to tracking packages and many competitors have also emerged. Thanks to the Amazon effect and eCommerce boom, those days are over. Now there are tons of shipping options but USPS is back on top for many businesses and people are talking about it. They are the #1 delivery partner for Amazon, eBay, Etsy, PayPal and many other major online shopping companies. 

Through our partnership with Pitney Bowes and Visible Supply Chain Management, we are able to offer an easy and cost-effective alternative to ship your packages. There are a lot of great benefits: 

     ♦  No additional residential or accessorial shipping charges

     ♦  Free pick up with no minimum quantity (24 hours notice)

     ♦  Delivery to all 50 states which means no rural or extended area surcharges

     ♦  Scan based returns– can be used in conjunction with outbound UPS or FedEx shipments

     ♦  Free boxes + APO/FPO shipping

Our partnership with Visible Supply Chain Management; a rate provider with over 25 years of supply chain management experience, provides StarShip customers with discounted Priority and Express Mail rates for domestic and international shipments. Significant cost savings can be found for packages under 20 lbs!   Interested in seeing if you could be saving with USPS? Contact us to get a free shipping analysis:


Free Shipping Analysis


In the meantime, check out the video below to learn more about why you should be shipping USPS:



V-Technologies was founded in 1987, we are a shipping software development company and have a selection of multi-carrier shipping software solutions to meet the growing demand for integrated shipping. StarShip™ and ShipGear® our two flagship shipping software products provide integration between carriers and popular ERP, accounting and eCommerce platforms: QuickBooks, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Acumatica, Macola, Amazon, Shopify, Magento and ebay to name a few.               

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eBay UPS Shipping Software Integration Equals Success for Budget Golf

Posted on Fri, Sep 28, 2012 @ 01:52 PM

UPS WorldShip eBayEliminate Duplicate Data Entry by Using eBay UPS Shipping Software by ShipGear

Many companies sell products on eBay and ship their products via UPS WorldShip®.  Using UPS WorldShip® alone without an interface to eBay shipment information takes time and can result in errors due to duplicate data-entry.  ShipGear shipping software solves this problem by running in the background behind UPS WorldShip® and providing direct access to eBay transactions through the UPS WorldShip® interface, eliminating the need to re-key information from eBay to UPS WorldShip®.

Access your eBay transactions through UPS WorldShip® and ShipGear shipping software by one of three ways:

  1. Item ID
  2. Selling manager record number
  3. Entering a question mark to browse the list

ShipGear will bring over all items the buyer has purchased on eBay along with other shipping information such as:

  1. Ship-To-Address
  2. Ship Via
  3. Reference fields
  4. Buyers email

As soon as the package is processed the items are updated on eBay with the master shipment tracking number helping you retain your top seller status.  The ship status is also updated on eBay.  Shipment notifications are are automatically sent to the buyers email and items cost is in the declared value.  By using ShipGear shipping software your eBay transactions are shipped quickly in one easy step.

Please watch our short video below for a step-by-step demonstration:


Please read our success story below to learn how implementing ShipGear has helped Budget Golf save time and money.

Integrating UPS WorldShip® with eBay is a “Chip Shot” for Budget Golf

Selling everything from golf equipment and accessories to footwear and apparel, Budget Golf is an online and retail operation that ships between 700 and 800 packages a day and was voted UPS Partner of the Year in 2009.


Budget Golf found themselves in the rough when the company began selling products through eBay.  Nick Schaeflein at Budget Golf recalls, “We were doing all shipping and invoicing manually.  We’d print out hard copy reports from eBay and then enter all the customer and address data into UPS WorldShip® by hand.”  It wasn’t long after that Budget Golf outgrew the manual process. “The real problem was keeping up with the volume.  It sometimes took four people all day to complete the shipping process,” says Schaeflein.


“That's when we looked at ShipGear to speed things up and eliminate all the manual data entry,” recalls Schaeflein.  ShipGear is a plug‐and‐play application that works behind the scenes to seamlessly connect eBay transaction data with UPS WorldShip®– all without the need to customize the accounting or carrier software.  Schaeflein says ShipGear was like a hole in one. "It's a pretty straightforward process – just a few clicks pulls sales data from eBay right into UPS WorldShip and we don’t have to enter anything manually.”


ShipGear puts everything right in the fairway, streamlining the entire shipping process and saving loads of time according to Schaeflein. “In the past, several people were spending most of the day entering data, creating labels, and preparing daily shipments.  Now it takes one person just a few hours and it’s done.”  Not only does ShipGear grab the data from eBay and seamlessly drop it into UPS WorldShip®, all of the details – address, city, state – are automatically formatted into an accurate shipping label.  “The time we save in label creation is important because that was also a manual process previously,” says Schaeflein.  Once packages are shipped, ShipGear immediately writes tracking information back to eBay – an important requirement to achieve status as an “eBay Top‐Rated Seller.” With ShipGear, Budget Golf has a firm grip on shipping according to Schaeflein.  “It streamlined the whole process, saves us a bunch of time and hassle, and reduced the number of people required to get packages out the door.”

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