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Written by Adrian Montgomery on Tue, Jun 19, 2012 @ 07:23 PM
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How do I use StarShip V12 to process Macola ES shipments?

StarShip V12 has integrations with several mid-market ERP software developers such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, Sage Software, Epicor, Syspro and Infor.  Today we will discuss the Macola ES integration.

StarShip V12 is the premier integrated shipping software solution for Macola ES customers. 

Macola customers enter the sales order number within the StarShip shipping software screen or look-up the order number using the spy glass functionality.  Once the order is located, StarShip shipping software calls out to the SQL data in Macola and brings up all the information from Macola to process the shipment. View the order, company details, and transportation information from Macola using StarShip shipping software.  The sender information is reflected within the StarShip view, if required the user may apply charges to different Macola billing accounts.  StarShip shipping software will pull the address from Macola to check city, state and zip address validation.  StarShip will search to find any potential order that can be consolidated and shipped in the same shipment.  Once the packed goods are ready to process, simply go to the tool bar to print labels and write the shipment detail back to Macola.  Customer service, warehouse and other company personnel will be updated with the real time shipment information through Macola to keep customers informed.

Macola users have the option to set-up rules to customize freight charges.  Please view our short video to learn more:

Photo available on Flickr's Logistics in Chennai's photostream

Also see our page located here for more information:


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