Shipping Software: What's new since StarShip Version 10?

Written by Adrian Montgomery on Fri, Jun 01, 2012 @ 04:30 PM

V-Technologies, LLC is excited to announce the enhancements introduced in Starship shipping software version 12.

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Initially StarShip shipping software supported primarily parcel carriers.  Parcel carriers are UPS, FedEx, DHL International, United States Postal Service, OnTrac on the west coast and SpeeDee in the mid-west.  In version 10 StarShip shipping software introduced freight carrier shipping enabling you to use common carriers for LTL shipping to manage pallets for shipments and produce bill of ladings.

StarShip Shipping software version 12 offers seamless integration of both freight & parcel shipping from the same user interface. Logic surrounding the Ship Via code or preferences based on weight thresholds determines which method of transportation is selected. ERP line item integration provides a streamlined shipping process for automating international & LTL shipments including the ability to produce a packing list Please take a closer look at the enhancements made in StarShip shipping software version 12.

Please learn more by viewing our 10 minute overview below:

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