Sage 100 ERP Shipping Software Options - ShipGear and StarShip

Written by Adrian Montgomery on Fri, May 18, 2012 @ 12:33 PM

Shipping SoftwareStarShip by V-Technologies, LLC is the mother ship of all shipping software.  Alternatively, ShipGear by V-Technologies, LLC may be all you need. The purpose of this blog entry is to compare the two.

Sage 100 ERP customers have relied on StarShip by V-Technologies, LLC as their premier Sage shipping software solution for over 10 years.  ShipGear is an alternative shipping software by V-Technologies available to those customers seeking a more affordable economical solution.  Since StarShip has been endorsed and sold by Sage Software for so many years, it isn't surprising ShipGear is the lesser known of the two solutions.

ShipGear is considered more of an entry level shipping solution compared to StarShip.  The ShipGear interface allows customers to install a plug and play shipping software solution between Sage 100 ERP and UPS WorldShip or FedEx Ship Manager. When a customer requires a higher level of automation between Sage 100 ERP and multiple carriers StarShip makes more sense. Shipping Software

ShipGear shipping software is also considered an entry level solution because it retrieves header information only.  Other differences to consider when looking at StarShip vs. ShipGear:

  • StarShip can retrieve the order and create the invoice as a result of the shipment, where ShipGear retrieves and updates the same document.  Use ShipGear to ship an order and ShipGear will update the order with freight and tracking information.  Ship against an invoice and ShipGear will update the invoice.  ShipGear shipping software will not create an invoice as a result of the shipment like StarShip shipping software will. 
  • ShipGear allows you to work within the separate carrier applications, with StarShip you may work with multiple carriers from one user interface.
  • ShipGear is available thru the UPS Customer Technology Program (CTP) and FedEx Tech Awards allowing customers to subsidize the license cost.
V-Technologies is an approved UPS Ready and FedEx Certified Solution Provider.  Today we will demonstrate the ShipGear shipping solution.  Please watch it in action!


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