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Written by Adrian Montgomery on Fri, Apr 20, 2012 @ 11:18 AM

International governments require detailed commodity level information.  Now with the StarShip Link 2.0 shipping software interface you can produce documents reflecting commodity or line item information needed to report to international government agencies.

The new Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90, MAS 200) StarShip 2.0 Link shipping software automates your international documentation.  You can do this by retrieving line items from Sage 100 ERP to be used for international documentation, printing the BOL or reporting hazmat information.

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The following features in the StarShip Link 2.0 shipping software now come standard with the interface:

  • Packaging View:  The packaging view in StarShip 2.0 shipping software allows the user to drill down to see each Sage 100 ERP line item associated with the package.
  • Line Item Tab:  The line item tab in StarShip shipping software reflects the associated international data (Schedule B or HTS code) to give you a complete picture of your shipment.
  • International Tab:  The international tab in Sage 100 ERP StarShip Link 2.0 shipping software reflects all the pertinent data associated with the international requirements of the shipment. An important shipping software feature located under the international tab is the electronic export information (EEI) filing and ITN number. Now with StarShip Link 2.0 shipping software you have the ability to push the required information directly to electronically.  The US government mandates EEI reporting in certain cases such as commodity type, value or destination country.  Sage 100 ERP StarShip Link 2.0 shipping software automatically sends the required documentation on your behalf so you do not have to rekey the information into the government reporting website.
  • International Documents:  such as the commercial invoice, certificate of origin or shippers letter of instruction can be printed with little to no input from the user.  StarShip also supports paperless options for UPS and FedEx.
  • Email notifications: The email notifications feature in Sage 100 ERP StarShip Link 2.0 shipping software allows you to email customers tracking information through the carriers.  You can easily import the email address directly from the Sage 100 ERP order, have it sent to the ship-to email, the sales person email or even set a fixed email in the mappings inside of StarShip.  This way you can email all three of these recipients or a combination of them.  This is another example of the tight integration between StarShip shipping software and Sage 100 ERP.
The StarShip Link 2.0 interface item detail can be passed from the order to the shipping software which is then pushed to to reduce manual entry and errors.  This item detail is also used to automatically create International documentation through the shipping software interface.

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