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Keeping Brand Integrity During the Omnichannel Revolution

Posted on Tue, May 12, 2015 @ 12:45 PM

OmnichannelMaintaining brand integrity has become an increasing challenge for most of today’s suppliers due to the pressures of the omnichannel revolution.

With today’s consumers demanding a seamless shopping experience across all channels, the need to provide consistent branding has become a large hurdle for most suppliers. When a consumer wants a specific product, they’ll likely do their research prior to making any decision. During their hunt, they expect consistency in all aspects. This includes the product image, description, availability and shipping options. Any discrepancies may tarnish the reputation of a certain brand.

For example, retailer A might have a different product description from retailer B, but retailer C has a robust product description but a higher price. What will the consumer think? Will they still trust the supplier or retailer? Anytime credibility is questioned in the retail industry, the chance of the consumer going to a competitor is more likely.

With the right assortment strategy, brand integrity can be kept unified across all shopping channels. For more information on how to keep your business aligned with today’s consumers, visit  

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New Pressure and New Opportunity for Retailers and Retail Suppliers

Posted on Fri, Mar 06, 2015 @ 12:22 PM

Retail and Mobile

The popular use of mobile devices present new challenges and new opportunities for retailers.  It is more important than ever for retailers to maintain a consistent message among all channels.

Consumers are placing increased demands on offline and online retail channels, retailers are facing increased pressure to get products delivered on time from suppliers to stock enough items to fulfill and meet the demands of online and offline orders. Retailers are increasing demands on venders to offer better drop-ship capabilities from vendors who ship directly to consumers.  Suppliers must quickly fulfill orders and allow retailers to view real time inventory levels.

Mobile devices enable consumers to rapidly compare prices, read product reviews and purchase products. A study commission by SPS Commerce and conducted by Forrester found that 32 percent of consumers will look up product information on their smartphone most of the time while shopping in a brick-and-mortar store. With more and more of today’s consumers integrating mobile technology into their shopping experience, the race is on for retailers to keep up.

The pressure is on for retailers to not only successful integrate mobile technology into their stores but also provide a consistent shopping experience across all channels – in store, mobile and online. Today’s consumers demand a consistent shopping experience regardless of where they choose to engage a retailer or supplier. Failure to provide a unified shopping experience can often lead to loss of business.

To keep up with the demands of today’s consumers, many retailers turn to omnichannel solutions for help. A solid omnichannel strategy unifies the shopping experience for the consumer, resulting in increased sales. Several of the largest retailers are already implementing an omnichannel strategy and many are planning to in 2015.

To find out if your business is positioned for omnichannel success, visit SPS Commerce for more information. 

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