Sage 100: Automate the Entire Order Fulfillment ProcessesSage 100 Integrated MFG Pick Pack Ship

Written by Caroline Rua on Wed, Mar 14, 2018 @ 07:22 PM

Integrated Manufacturing, Pick, Pack, Ship and Payment Processing Solution

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Complimentary 1 Hour Webinar for Sage 100 

Date:  Thursday, March 29, 2018

Time:  11 AM PT / 12 PM ET

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Join our friends at Vrakas/Blum - JobOps, Scanco, StarShip and American Payment Solutions to learn how to automate order processing with an integrated Sage 100 manufacturing, pick, pack, ship and payment processing solution.

We will demonstrate the following:

  1. How to automate labor and material planning with JobOps/Sage 100c Manufacturing:
    • Streamlined scheduling
    • Capable to promise helps you forecast realistic delivery dates
    • Material availability forecast aids in on-time deliveries
    • Management by exception capabilities
    • Drag and drop scheduling board
    • Finite and infinite scheduling
    • Exception alerts
    • Track production labor
    • Track material for improved purchasing
    • Track finished goods during production
  2. How to automate warehouse management with Scanco:
    • Automated pick-pack WMS
    • Strengthen supplier relationships
    • Integrates with StarShip for Sage 100
  3. How to automate shipment processing with StarShip for Sage 100 to:
    • Eliminate manual re-keying of data into carrier systems
    • Multi-carrier / Multi-mode allows you to rate shop and ship small parcel and LTL carriers from one application
    • Streamline international shipments and automatically generate associated documents
    • Create custom emails and labels to strengthen your brand and drive repeat business
  4. Automate payment processing with American Payment Solutions to:
    • PCI-DSS compliance assistance at no additional cost
    • Some of the lowest American Express fees in the entire industry!
    • Next Day Funding Available (Amex included)
    • Access to the Level III Gateway for lower interchange rates


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