QuickBooks Supply Chain


Thank you for your interest, we apologize but this webinar has been postponed. 

Link below to our previous StarShip & Acctivate webinar. See how the StarShip & Acctivate integration simplifies your shipping process and improves your productivity. 

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Highlights include:

  1. Seamless integration with Acctivate to QuickBooks.
  2. Easy order entry.
  3. Pick, pack and ship in Acctivate.
  4. Acctivate to StarShip integration.
  5. Integrated shipping with Acctivate to automate small parcels (including regionals) and LTL.
  6. Connecting to CubiScan scales for faster, more reliable measurements and accurate dimensional weight calculation.
  7. Give the entire office quick access to shipment history, metrics and reporting using StarShip's dashboards.
  8. Send automatic email notifications that build brand awareness, provide item-level detail and drive traffic back to your site.
  9. How to easily report on late deliveries to obtain refunds.
  10. Ship multiple carriers and modes from one-user interface                                                      


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