Automate QuickBooks Order Processing with an Integrated Shipping and Customer Service Solution

Written by Caroline Rua on Wed, Nov 25, 2015 @ 04:37 PM




StarShip and Results CRM both work with QuickBooks and offer a better way to manage your sales, service, billing and shipping information. 

Please watch our video below to learn how to automate the warehouse sales and customer service process and provide complete visibility to your team:

  1. Connect sales and customer service personnel to Results CRM
  2. Use Results CRM to better manage QuickBooks sales and customer service:
    • Create and manage quotes and orders
    • Access customer specific pricing and inventory levels
    • View sales orders, invoices, payments and shipments
    • View customer contact information
    • View customer sales history, item sales history, invoice sales history
  3. Use StarShip to streamline and better manage your shipping:
    • View and ship your orders individually or in batch
    • Automatically select the "best way" to ship
    • Update QuickBooks with tracking numbers and shipping costs
    • Customize shipping charges based on your rules (order total, customer, etc.)
    • Build brand awareness thru custom email notifications and labels
    • Print a combined packing list + shipping label
  4.  Access shipment detail through Results CRM

Watch now see below:

Learn more about StarShip by V-Technologies

StarShip is a multi-carrier shipping system that features turnkey interfaces to gain efficiencies and streamline shipping, accounts receivable and customer service.  Amazon and ERP interfaces such as QuickBooks Enterprise, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Exct Macola, Sage 100, Sage 500, Sage 50, Eclipse and more provide the warehouse with instant access to orders and invoices. Simply scan the document number from your pick sheet to auto-populate the ship screen.
StarShip's multi-carrier mode helps you rate shop between carriers like UPS, FedEx or USPS and choose the best shipping method between small parcel (including regionals) and dozens of LTL carriers with one click. StarShip will also auto select the carrier/service based on custom parameters to ensure the best shipping rate and on-time delivery.  
To learn more, call 800-462-4016 or email us today! 

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