Microsoft Dynamics GP Warehouse Management System:  The Benefits of Stand-Alone Vs. Integrated

Written by Pam Burnham on Mon, Oct 05, 2015 @ 12:43 PM

Dynamics GP Warehouse Management System

This is the second in a series of guest blog posts from our friends at Panatrack contributed by Pam Burnham.  We have been offering our Dynamics GP integrated shipping software, StarShip with Panatrack WMS for years.  The combined PanatrackerGP and StarShip solutions bring together industry leaders to offer a complete warehouse management solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP customers.   Please read Pam's guest post below:

ERP Software (Enterprise Resource Planning) Vs. Point Solutions

ERP Software (Enterprise Resource Planning) is designed to automate the business processes of the entire company. But proponents of point solutions suggest that a piece of software that handles a specific part of the business—supply chain management, warehouse management or project management, for instance—do a better job with these functions than ERP can. They also may claim that due to the long, disruptive and sometimes unsuccessful implementation process, it is hard to truly realize value on ERP.

Even in companies that have implemented ERP, we will sometimes see a separate warehouse management system (WMS), usually with a point-to-point integration. This “seamless integration” is never quite seamless, and defeats the purpose of ERP because:

  1. You are creating silos of information that prevent visibility and control of the business by management.
  2. Separate interfaces and system architectures mean that you need to train many users in both the best-of-breed solution and the ERP.
  3. Each software package will have a separate database, and integrating these in real time is very difficult.
  4. You are paying again for functionality you already have in Microsoft Dynamics GP.


Panatrack Vice President of Business Development Pam Burnham is a respected expert on inventory and asset tracking and Microsoft Dynamics GP. Her background includes both hands-on and management experience in accounting, operations, sales, and computer technology.




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