Refund changes planned for the Endicia module

Written by Melissa Lord on Tue, Sep 17, 2013 @ 11:59 AM


New changes took effect on Endicia website August 26, 2013

1. eRefund Request timeline has changed

The USPS has relaxed their rules around accepting requests for electronic refund requests.  Traditionally, customers have been allowed only 10 days from the date of printing to request an eRefund.  Anything beyond that, they were forced to make a direct appeal to the USPS for a refund.

Endicia has rolled out changes to their website that will allow customers to request eRefunds for up to 30 days after creating the label request.  They also plan to have a fall release the will extend this functionality to the Endicia Label Server allowing late refunds to flow through StarShip. 

The USPS will still be waiting the full 14 days following postmark prior to granting a refund, just like before.  Since it is now possible to create a refund request after this 14 day waiting period and if there has been no scan event, in theory the request is granted immediately. However, there will be a lag time of 3 to 4 days due to processing on both sides for this refund to take effect and impact your balance.


2. SCAN Form acceptance scans no longer invalidate a refund request

Historically, the presence of a SCAN form acceptance scan event would automatically reject a refund request.  The USPS made changes to their side that will no longer reject a request based on this type of scan event.  This means that customers who use the SCAN form can now request an eRefund after the SCAN Form has been scanned by the USPS. 

We’ll keep you posted as to when Endicia adds this functionality to the Label Server for availability in StarShip.  In the meantime, you can log into your account page at to submit a Refund Request for any label that exceeds the former 10 day rule.

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