Shipping Software: How To Customize StarShip's Interface Using ERP Data

Written by Adrian Montgomery on Fri, Jun 29, 2012 @ 01:53 PM
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Question:  How do I customize StarShip shipping software to reflect the necessary shipment related detail from my ERP software?

Answer:  StarShip shipping software comes with a default set of integrated ERP shipping software field maps such as  recipient address, email address, account information, phone number etc. In addition to the default set of field maps StarShip has the ability to apply value translations to your ERP software field mapping. 

The ability to customize the ERP software write-back is also available in StarShip shipping software.  The StarShip user can write back custom notes applied to ERP software fields.  Easily modify notes by highlighting fields to change them, delete them or add new fields.

Please watch our short video below to learn more!

Photo Available on Flickr By bettybl

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