Shipping Software: StarShip Link 2.0 Customize User Interface

Written by Adrian Montgomery on Fri, Mar 30, 2012 @ 02:22 PM

Shipping SoftwareThe new StarShip Link 2.0 shipping software allows Sage 100 ERP customers to personalize their field maps and translations.  During this video you will see the following:

  1. Get weight button designed for customers using scanning functionality in Sage 100 ERP Shipping Data Entry
  2. The StarShip shipping software scale interface allowing Sage 100 ERP customers to automatically enter weight
  3. Address validation within StarShip shipping software and Sage 100 ERP
  4. Line item integration now available with StarShip Link 2.0 and Sage 100 ERP
  5. Package drill down visibility with StarShip shipping software and Sage 100 ERP
  6. StarShip shipping software Sage 100 ERP map to carrier and service
  7. Automatic selection of carrier billing types and accounts within StarShip shipping software
  8. Set-up accounts receivable customer field maps from Sage 100 ERP to StarShip shipping software for speed and efficiency
  9. How to set-up ship and exception notifications within StarShip shipping software
  10. How to set-up salesperson exception notifications to pro-actively notify customers of package delays
  11. How to set-up automatic updates from StarShip shipping software to Sage 100 ERP
  12. How to print a packing list with all corresponding shipping information from StarShip shipping software
  13. And more...


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