Global Shipping Software with StarShip 16.0 and Endicia Global Service

Let us know if you are interested in learning more about the StarShip 16.0 with integration to Endicia Global Service.  This service is now offered in additional countries in Latin America and the Caribbean Islands. Endicia Global Service™, new from the leader in ecommerce shipping solutions, eliminates many of the reasons business have stopped shipping their goods to Latin America.

Endicia Global Service™ provides:
  • Same-day customs clearance. Shipments clear customs in as little as six hours as opposed to an average of five days.
  • Fast service. Shipments are delivered in eight to 10 days.
  • End-to-end tracking. Endicia Global Service provides tracking and delivery scan rates that are equivalent to what shippers are accustomed to in the United States.
  • Price transparency. All duties and taxes are known at shipment creation. Endicia Global Service allows businesses the option to deliver products duty-paid. This means that taxes can be paid up-front rather than collected from the customer on delivery.
  • Reduced shipping complexity, with no customs forms to fill out. Shippers no longer need to fill out customs forms and print duplicate labels. They simply enter a product’s description and value, and Endicia’s software produces the proper label.
  • International address verification.
For more details on StarShip's integration to Endicia Global Service, call V-Technologies at 800-462-4016.